Agra: Dog set an example of love, ran 5 KM behind the children who gave bread, watch video


Agra. The whole world is convinced of the loyalty of a dog. One such incident has come to the fore in Tajnagri Agra, where the loyalty and love of a street dog convinced everyone. In fact, a family living near the Maruti State intersection of Jagdishpura, Agra was vacating a rented house and shifting to another place. When this family was going to another house on a battery rickshaw, a dog from that street kept running after them for 5 kilometers.

In fact, the children of this family used to feed bread to this dog living in their street. Because of this the dog got a lot of snow with them. Children also used to jump and play a lot with this street dog. In this game and play, a relationship of friendship was formed between that dog and the children.

Meanwhile, the father of the children took another house on rent in Lohamandi. The family was going towards the e-rickshaw Ser Lohamandi after sending their belongings, then that dog also kept running after the rickshaw continuously for about 5 kilometers and did not leave the chase of the family till the end. In the end, the love of that dog won and the family of the children also agreed to keep it with them.

Meanwhile, a young man passing through the same path made a video after seeing this friendship of children and street dogs. The video of this deep relationship between animal and human went viral on seeing it. Everyone who saw this scene became emotional and praised the animal’s love.

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