Youths cheated the delivery boy of e-commerce company by replacing expensive mobile phone with soap


Pune. Till now only such news was coming out that the delivery boy handed over some less valuable thing to a customer in place of his belongings. Now a case has come to light in Pune, in which five youths including a woman have committed the incident of duping the delivery boy of a big e-commerce company by taking out an expensive new mobile phone from the parcel box and placing soap in it. In this regard, Mehndi Alure, a resident of Hadapsar, has lodged an FIR at the Lashkar police station. Allure works as a delivery boy and delivers parcels for many large e-commerce companies.

According to a report in The Indian Express, on June 25, the accused had called Alure to Pune camp area to get a new mobile phone, which they had booked online. He then allegedly got into a fight with Allure, claiming that there was some technical glitch in the mobile phone. In the midst of this quarrel, the accused youths allegedly played tricks and returned Alure after keeping soap in the mobile phone box. In this way the youths duped the cell phone worth Rs 43,019.

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After some time, Allure noticed that the mobile phone was missing from the parcel box and soap had been kept there. The police have booked the accused persons under sections 420, 34 of IPC for allegedly cheating the complainant Alure and the company. Assistant Police Inspector Harish Shilimkar is investigating this entire matter.

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