Work : How much is the balance in FasTag – do not know, we tell you can check the account in four easy ways


New Delhi. The quality of roads is continuously increasing in the country and people are now taking long journeys even with their personal vehicles. However, for good roads one has to pay toll too. Now the number of tolls is increasing continuously across the country, where the driver has to pay the fee.

Before the arrival of FASTag, the drivers had to pay cash at the toll, but after this facility, there has been a lot of convenience. Even those who use FASTag reach the toll many times, they do not know how much balance is in their account. In such a situation, many times money is not deducted on toll and they have to pay double the amount. To avoid this problem, there are four easy ways to know the toll balance. You can use any of these methods to find out the amount in your account.

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1- Find out the amount from the fastag app
Finding the amount in your account with the FASTag app is quite easy. For this you have to first install My FasTag App from Google App. After entering the required information in it, your app will open and you will be able to easily check the balance of your FASTag whenever you want.

2- Find out from the bank’s website
You can also check your FASTag balance from the bank’s website. Go to the website of the bank with which your FASTag account is linked and enter the required information on the FASTag portal. After logging in, you can find the amount in your account by going to the bottom view balance.

3- Get information from SMS
This is the easiest way, because with whichever bank your account is linked. After deducting money at every toll, the balance information is given. If you have opted for FASTag service, then with every deduction, the message of the remaining amount is sent by the bank. You can also know through these messages how much balance is left in the account.

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4- Call toll free number
If none of the above facilities are working for you, then you can also find out the amount in your FASTag account by calling the toll free number given by NHAI. For this you have to register on the prepaid wallet of NHAI. After this, you can know the balance by calling 8884333331.

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