Why is Tej Pratap Yadav asking for only 2 minutes to meet the Speaker?


Patna. The Monsoon session of the Bihar Legislative Assembly may have been short, but many political pictures came out along with the uproar. On one hand, there was protest and uproar for the entire session regarding Agneepath, while on Thursday, the last day of the monsoon session, the statement of Lalu Yadav’s elder Lal Tej Pratap Yadav remains in the discussion. In fact, Tej Pratap Yadav is demanding two minutes’ time from the Legislative Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha.

On the last day of the session, Tej Pratap Yadav said that I want to personally meet the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly for two minutes. When asked by journalists on what issue he wanted to meet for two minutes, Tej Pratap insisted that he wanted to meet for personal work; And you all know the meaning of two minutes! This statement has become a matter of discussion among the people, what is the meaning of two minutes?

What is the relation between Tej Pratap and two minutes?
In fact, the discussion of the two-minute talk was associated with Tej Pratap since the journalists of a YouTube channel near Tej Pratap had reached his residence for an interview. Then Tej Pratap had said that by keeping the mic and wanting to meet you for two minutes. The journalists of the YouTube channel came out saying that I come with the mic and then ran away while running.

Why Tej Pratap Yadav started smiling after all?
Tej Pratap got this incident recorded and later put it on social media and also told that some people are conspiring to defame us, which has been exposed. However, on Thursday, when Tej Pratap Yadav asked the Speaker for two minutes and was asked on what issue, Tej Pratap smiled and left just saying that you know the meaning of two minutes!

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