What is the Dehradun connection of terrorists killed in Kashmir? Intelligence’s eye on an institute and Kashmiris


Dehradun. If there is any major criminal incident in any state of the country, most of the time some connection of Dehradun is definitely associated with it. Killed by security forces in Kashmir this week Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists With the joining of Dehradun’s name, there has been a stir in the police and intelligence department here. Ever since it is learned that this terrorist had spent a few years in Dehradun for education, since then efforts are being made to find his connections, associates and network here.

According to the information, security forces recently killed two Lashkar terrorists in Kulgam of South Kashmir. Apart from Zubair Ahmed Mir, the second terrorist Idris Ahmed Dar Was told. Dar had become a terrorist on April 6 only. In Srinagar, as soon as the security forces told that he had done hotel management from an institute in Dehradun, the ears of the local police were raised. The Intelligence Department is now finding out about this institute, so the police is also trying to find its network.

What is being investigated in Dehradun?
Police and intelligence departments are finding out from which institute Idris studied hotel management.
– Efforts are on to reach Idris’s associates.
According to sources, two teams have been set up for information about the institute. living here Information from Kashmiri students and youth also is being collected.
– Officials say that by searching his associates, talking to them, trying to collect facts about what he used to talk about, who was in contact with Whom did he consider as his role model?
Police have talked to Kashmiri youth but till now nothing has been known about Idris.

The strings of terror have already been connected with Doon!
In October 2018, a student terrorist organization of BSc IT named Shoaib Ahmed Lone Joined Hizbul Mujahideen. He was studying from an institute in Dehradun. On social media, her mother pleaded for her to return home, when the institute came to know about this. At that time the institute had suspended him. His associates were also questioned. It was learned that he lived alone in his room and considered Pakistan as his country.

Apart from this, after the terrorist attack in Kashmir in the year 2020, students of Kashmir studying in a university in Dehradun. Action was taken against three students. These students had put objectionable posts on social media against the army. He was also interrogated by the security forces. It is also worth mentioning that especially in North India, including Punjab, Haryana, there has been a connection with Uttarakhand.

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