‘We could have died’, when the Bangladesh team’s ferry started swaying in the middle of the sea, the players narrated the dreadful scene


New Delhi. Bangladesh cricket team is currently on West Indies tour. After losing the Test series to the host country, now the competition is to be in T20. The first T20 is to be played on July 2 in Dominica. But, even before this match, the players of Bangladesh got in bad shape. Actually, for the first T20 Bangladesh team reached Dominica from St Lucia via sea. This five-hour journey was like an unforgettable experience for Bangladeshi players, because no Bangladeshi player had made such a long journey in a small ferry before. In such a situation, by the time the players reached Dominica, the health of most of them deteriorated. Some players kept vomiting all the way.

According to Bangladeshi newspaper Prothom Alo, as soon as the ferry reached the middle of the sea. He started facing high waves. The ferry in which the Bangladeshi team was riding was not very big. In such a situation, in 6-7 feet high waves, Fairy Beach started hiccups in the sea. As a result, the players started vomiting. According to the report published in the newspaper, fast bowler Shoriful Islam and wicket-keeper batsman Nafees Iqbal were the most troubled. Both vomited several times during the journey.

Bangladeshi players got badly in the fair
Bangladesh, Bangladesh and West Indies team also did not travel from one island to another on ferry for any international match. A Bangladesh cricketer who spoke to the newspaper narrated the incident. He said that at one time it seemed that we would die. Another cricketer said that for me it was the worst tour of my career.

This player further said, “In this journey we could have fallen ill and could even die. Nothing happens to them (West Indies). I have traveled to many countries. But, this kind of experience happened for the first time. None of us players are used to it. Forget about playing, what if one of us players got seriously ill. This is the worst tour of my life.”

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Let us inform that the 3 T20 series between Bangladesh and West Indies is going to start from Saturday (July 2). The first two matches will be played in Dominica and the third in Guyana. Bangladesh team has already lost the test series.

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