Varanasi News: 16 camels trapped in the swamp of trouble if they escape from smugglers, know the whole matter


Report – Abhishek Jaiswal

Varanasi. In Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, the Ramnagar police on Tuesday freed a desert ship from the clutches of smugglers. In fact, on the information of an NGO in Delhi, the police had caught a consignment of 16 camels going from Rajasthan to Kolkata. These voiceless survivors from the clutches of smugglers are now caught in the quagmire of new troubles. After releasing these camels from the smugglers, Varanasi police have kept them in a field near Tengra Mor area of ​​Ramnagar police station area. At the same time, the soil has become wet due to rain these days at the place where the camels are kept. In such a situation, the camel is forced to live in the middle of the same mud. Now social organizations have raised their voice for these voiceless in Varanasi. At the same time, the police have arrested three smugglers.

Swati Balani, who works on Animals, told that the weather here is not favorable for camels. Apart from this, the arrangement for their care is also not good at the place where they are kept. They have been kept amidst wet soil, which will not only spoil their feet but they will also become victims of disease. Our demand is that they should be sent to Camel Century located in Sirohi, Rajasthan at the earliest.

will resort to court
At the same time, Abha Singh told that the camels have been kept in the open field. Apart from this, they have to eat wet straw in the midst of rain, which is not good for their health at all. Apart from this, if they are kept locked in one place for a long time, then they will get sick and die. We have also seen the condition of the place where the camels are kept and soon if the administration does not arrange for them or release them, then we will file a petition in this matter with the local court.

This is the logic of the police
However, in the midst of all these lapses, Ramnagar SHO Ashwani Pandey said that we have made arrangements for the camels to eat and drink, but they refused to say anything on the matter on camera. Let us inform that these camels were being sent from Rajasthan to Kolkata via Varanasi for sacrifice.

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