US ship used in World War II found from Philippines


Manila. The wreckage of the American destroyer, which was called the Hero of America, which destroyed the Japanese camp in World War II, has been found. In the depths of about 23 thousand feet in the ocean floor, in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, the explorers have finally found this sunken ship after several decades. This destroyer ship of the American Navy is also called the deepest hidden debris in the world.

The USS Samuel B. Roberts ship was used when American forces fought the Japanese to liberate the Philippines. The ship was sunk on 25 October 1944 during a battle off the central island of the Battle of Summer.

Using submersible vehicles and sonar-beaming vessels, the Caladon Oceanic founder Vescovo and Ios search team succeeded in diving six times between 17 and 24 June. On 18 June managed to find the wreckage with the help of a three-tube torpedo launcher.

Victor Vescovo, the founder of Caladon Oceanic, which operates the submersible, tweeted: “Comfortably at 6,895 meters this is the deepest cruise ever built and surveyed. This small ship fought the best players of the Japanese Navy and fought with them till the end.”

According to US Navy records, Sammy Bee’s crew swam for nearly three days awaiting rescue. In which many people died from wounds and shark attacks. Of the 224 crew, 89 died.

The battle was part of the larger Battle of Leyte, which saw several days of intense fighting between US and Japanese forces. Sammy B was one of four American ships sunk in the 25 October engagement.

In the latest search, the team also explored the USS Gambier Bay, more than 7,000 meters below sea level, but was unable to locate it. It could not locate the USS Hole, where it may have gone down, due to a lack of reliable data.

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