US Defense Ministry Clarify F16 Upgradation Deal With India No Massage For India For Relation Wit Russia | America clarified on F-16 deal with Pakistan, said


US-Pakistan F-16 Deal: Pakistan’s F-16 fighter aircraft are outdated, which are now being upgraded in a new way. Because Pakistan had bought these fighter planes from America, in such a situation, Pakistan has made a deal with America to shine the fighter planes. India’s displeasure was expressed about this deal to upgrade Pakistan’s F-16. It was told in all the reports that the Ministry of External Affairs has raised objections to this deal. In the meantime, now clarification has been given from America about this.

The US has clearly said that the deal to upgrade F-16 fighter jets with Pakistan has not been done to humiliate India. This deal has not happened in response to Russia’s better relations with India. This information has been revealed by quoting Eli Ratner, Assistant Secretary for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs of the US Department of Defense. In this, he has also told that India was already informed about this deal.

What is the whole matter?
In fact, there are more than 80 F-16 fighter aircraft in the Pakistani Air Force. The fleet of this fighter aircraft is called the strength of the Pakistani Air Force. After India’s airstrike, the same Pakistani aircraft had entered the Indian border. Now most of the aircraft included in the F-16 fleet are getting old and deteriorating, which Pakistan sought help from America to fix it. After which a deal of about $ 450 million was signed between the two countries.

cleaning up america
Displeasure was expressed in front of American officials on behalf of the Indian Foreign Ministry regarding this deal. Then it was said from the US that the planes are being repaired only, no new weapons or technology is being added to them. After this it was said that America made this deal with Pakistan because India has good relations with Russia. India’s stand on Russia-Ukraine war has been neutral. For which America has expressed displeasure many times. However, now America has told all such news to be wrong.

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