UP’s ‘Bunty Aur Babli’ cheated the people of Bihar, you will be surprised to know how to cheat!


Munna Raj

Bagaha (West Champaran). A shocking case of cheating has come to light in Bagaha of Bihar. The thugs duped a dozen people with thousands of rupees by luring them with utensils. Victims say that both had called themselves brothers and sisters. After this, trapped everyone in his talk, took money and then kept walking. It is said that the fraudsters were residents of Uttar Pradesh. After the matter came to light, the local police is currently investigating the matter. At the same time, the villagers who were cheated are surprised to know about the modus operandi of the thugs.

According to the information, brothers and sisters, who came as representatives of Root Drink Direct Selling Business Company, duped a dozen men and women in Navagawa village of Ramnagar police station and duped 1.70 lakh rupees. There is a possibility of more people joining the gang of thugs. In-charge station president Iqbali Rai said that he has received an application in this regard and the matter is being investigated. Rambha Devi, Nitesh Kumar, Rahul Kumar, Dinesh Kumar, Kumari Devi, Soni Devi etc. residents of Navgaon village told that Upendra Gupta and Juhi Gupta were the first to come to the village. Both had called themselves Mamera-Phufera brother and sister. Both used to show new utensils by roaming in the village. It had a set of two types of utensils. There were 40 utensils in a set, whose membership was 9 thousand rupees. The second set was of 83 pieces, whose membership was kept at 17,500.

The young man had come out saying that he had gone to Bangalore from home, the news of his death came after a few hours.

unique way of cheating
The victims say that Upendra Gupta and Juhi Gupta are residents of UP. They showed the utensils and money was taken in return for giving them. Along with this, people were explained that on making more and more membership, the people concerned would also be given monthly salary. After taking money, people were made members. Information of all the people on mobile started showing on the website. Who has deposited how much money to give confidence to the people, that too started appearing online. In this way, 1.70 lakh rupees were cheated from about a dozen people.

Victims reached police station
Everyone started pressurizing the so-called personnel sent by the company for their goods, but whenever someone asked for the same, Upendra Gupta used to postpone the matter saying that let the number of people increase further. After this all will be given together. When more than 6 months passed, the victims applied for registration of FIR in Ramnagar police station. At present the police is investigating the matter.

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