Train derailed in Missouri, USA, many people died; more than 50 injured


Washington. A major train accident has happened in Missouri, USA. According to media reports, several people died after an Amtrak train derailed after colliding with a dump truck in Missouri, USA on Monday. At least 50 people were injured. At present the rescue operation is going on. The injured are being shifted to the hospital for treatment.

According to information received from Amtrak Media Center, it is being told, ‘On June 27 at 12:42 pm, a Southwest Chief train traveling east on the BNSF track from Los Angeles to Chicago collided with a truck. Due to which 8 bogies and 2 engines of the train derailed.

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243 passengers were aboard
Around 243 passengers and 12 crew members were on board the train. Initial reports suggest that 12 crew members were injured. After the accident, the company says that their local officials are assisting the passengers and their incident response team has been activated.

Scott Armstrong, director of national media for the Boy Scouts of America, told CNN on Monday that two Boy Scout soldiers from Appleton, Wisconsin were on the Amtrak train. He helped the injured. Armstrong said the age of the scouts aboard the train ranged from 14 to 17 years. All of them were accompanied by eight adult soldiers.

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helpline number released
The company says it is deploying emergency personnel to the scene to help its passengers and its employees. At present, the company has arranged a helpline for those who want information about their families traveling in this train. You can get information by calling 800-523-9101.

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