The pigeon reached the unknown country after traveling 6000 km, the owner’s senses were blown away as soon as the news came!


You must have seen in the movies how people send their pet birds, especially pigeons, to some other place by giving their message. Pigeons also travel there very intelligently and convey the message. But this story seems completely filmy. However, now this story has become true, the only difference is that the pigeon does not deliver the message but goes so far (Pigeon reach America from Britain) that when its owner comes to know about it, he would be stunned. Is.

According to the report of Daily Star, a surprising incident happened with a man from England and his bird, which is now a topic of discussion on social media as well. According to reports, 60-year-old Alan Todd lives in Blaydon, Gateshead, Britain. He has a pigeon named Bob (Pigeon named Bob fly 6000 km to reach America). The bird was about to fly from the island named Guernsey to its owner in England. He had to cover this entire journey in about 10 hours, but when he did not reach home, Allen got upset.

Pigeon reached America after traveling 6000 km
Despite many attempts, nothing was found about Bob. A few days later, Alan received a mail from America informing him that Bob was in Alabama. Alan was surprised to hear this but jumped with joy. Actually, the bird was found sitting in the garden of an elderly person and even after a lot of extermination, she did not run away, then the person called an animal charity organization. They tracked down Alan with a band around Bob’s neck and a microchip and mailed him.

Alan will bring Bob home
Allen said that he was surprised that how did Bob reach there after traveling more than 6 thousand kilometers. Alan said – I thought that Bob was in Ireland and would return from there, but when he did not return, my concern increased. He said that when pigeons are lost, there is concern, what must have happened to them. Sometimes they even die. Allen guessed that Bob might have been caught in a storm while flying over the English Channel. Then he must have seen a boat on which he would have reached America by sitting. Allen said that he would bring her home. However, it may cost Allen up to Rs 2.8 lakh to bring the bird.

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