The mayor of Mexico chose the crocodile as his life partner, thousands of people gathered in this marriage


Mexico City. The mayor of San Pedro Huamelula, Mexico, Quétor Hugo, has adopted a crocodile as his wife with full custom. His marriage is now making headlines. Thousands of people attended the Mayor’s wedding and all the rituals were performed well. Actually this event was organized about the environment, the relationship between humans and animals. Doing this is common here and people feel that by doing this they will be able to get what they want from God. The common wish of the people is to get good rains, and for the fishermen to get plenty of fish.

The old practice of marrying a crocodile is
There is an old tradition of marrying a crocodile in Mexico and people say that this has been happening since 1789. For this many rituals are performed. In this, the name of the crocodile is first mentioned. After that, after fixing the date of marriage, the guests and their relatives are called on that day. This marriage is completed in front of everyone. It is believed that by doing this the people and the area are benefited.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : July 02, 2022, 00:03 IST


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