Temporary ban on almost complete ban on abortion in Kentucky, US court ordered


Louisville. A judge in Kentucky on Thursday temporarily banned the state’s near-complete ban on abortion, paving the way for a resumption of the procedure there. At the same time, a judge in Florida said that he would block the 15-week abortion ban in that province from taking effect.

In Kentucky, the decision put a stop to a state law that was brought in after the country’s Supreme Court ruled to end federal constitutional protections on abortion. The case reflects a legal battle being fought in courts across the country as the Supreme Court left it to the provinces to decide whether abortion is legal within their borders. After this abortion rights groups had to turn to the laws of the provinces for protection.

The law guarantees the right to process

In Florida, Judge John C. Cooper said he would temporarily block the 15-week abortion ban from taking effect. The judge said this after reproductive health providers challenged it in court, saying that the state’s law guarantees the right to this procedure. Cooper said Florida’s ban “is unconstitutional because it violates the privacy provision of the Florida Constitution.”

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