Superstition: Relatives came to take souls in hospitals, fearlessly performed rituals in OPD, people kept watching


Bundi. In Rajasthan, which is growing on the path of development, superstition still has camped. Due to superstition in Bundi district, the game of celebrating the ‘soul’ continues. In the Bhilwara area, in the name of treatment, it is common for innocent children to be fired with hot bars by bhoppers. In this episode, on Monday, Tantra-Mantra and sorcery continued in Bundi District Hospital and Hindoli CHC. Here people had reached these hospitals to take the souls of their deceased relatives.

According to the information, Jajawar’s family reached the district hospital in Bundi on Monday to collect the soul of their deceased family member Chhetar Saini. Chhitar Saini’s son Kajod told that in the year 1984, his father had died during treatment in the district hospital. He was injured in the fighting in the village. Family problems are coming in the house for the last two years. Home has started living. The shadow of the deity started coming in the daughter-in-law. God himself asked him to bring his father from the hospital here. In such a situation, the whole family and Bhopa (Ghodla) have come along.

Policemen arrived after completion of rituals
For about an hour in the district hospital, various kinds of sorcery continued at the gate of the outdoor. But the hospital administration did not even interrupt him. At that time many patients were present in the outdoors. Seeing this sight, a crowd also gathered there. Due to this sorcery, the patients coming to the outdoors suffered a lot. After the completion of this ritualistic work, Head Constable Vandana Sharma and Constable Keshav came from the police post of the hospital. He asked them to move away from there but by then they had completed their rituals. After that the relatives left from there with the alleged soul.

In Hindoli CHC, the period of incense meditation continued for 20 minutes
Even in the hospital of Hindoli, dozens of women of the village, singing the songs of the deities, reached the hospital to collect the soul of their deceased relatives. Near the women’s ward, the round of worship-incense meditation started at the fixed place mentioned by Ghodla. During this, other patients and relatives present in the hospital were shocked. The game of calling the soul went on for about 20 minutes. During this, doctors and medical personnel also kept watching all this helplessly. After some time, the women left the hospital with Ghodla with the soul holding the form.

Every day the soul-carryers keep on coming.
The hospital workers told that the soul-carrying people keep coming here every day. Many patients lose their lives in the hospital. Those who carry souls do not create any kind of disturbance. They leave after doing their work. Being a rural area, such incidents often happen here. That’s why don’t say anything to anyone.

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