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…’Iron Tyson’, ‘Iron Mike’ and ‘Fighter of the Year’ had received titles, now Mike Tyson. Dave Woolley became a great rich who invested money in the game of boxing. He started saying, ‘In the tens of 1980s the world was ruled by three black people. One of them is Michael Jackson (pop singer), the other Michael Jordan (basketball player) and the third Michael Tyson i.e. Mike Tyson. Not only this, Jeff Wald, who was Mike Tyson’s manager, even went so far as to say that Mike Tyson was among these three blacks who ruled the world, who became more famous than Queen Elizabeth (of Britain) and any president (of America). ‘ And Carl Douglas, a famous American lawyer working for human rights, explains the importance of such fame. It is said, ‘Mike Tyson was a fear among white people and he was no less than a superhero for blacks. Because he had proved his ability among the white-skinned people in his own field. The flags of success were hoisted between them.

Tyson’s life began to change completely with the successes he got. He was just 20 years old when his name started being included among the billionaires of the world. The money that used to rain on them. Reputable companies used to try to sell their products through them, and the crowd of little girls used to scoff at them on seeing them. Rudy Gonzalez became Tyson’s personal bodyguard. He says, ‘Girls often took off their underwear and threw them at me in the midst of huge crowds. Says- Bring them to your boss (Mike Tyson). Our number is written on it. Telling your boss that he may be savage (brutal, barbaric) but we will control him. Mike Tyson had such a reputation at that time.

But despite being so famous, Mike was struggling with loneliness. Mother had left. The master was gone by now. There was a lot of pretense in what it was. Wallace Matthews was a major American journalist of that era. He used to write exclusively on the sport of boxing in different newspapers, magazines etc. He explains, ‘The night Mike Tyson defeated a boxer like Trevor Barbick to win the first major title (of the WBC), I saw him sitting alone in the lobby at four o’clock in the morning. Missing, with the title belt tied around the waist. As if he had no idea what to do about it. How does he reveal himself? It is said that despite rising fame, Mike did not forget his childhood home. He often moved to the infamous township of Brownsville where he was born. There the gardeners also used to help the homeless children. But even there they might not find peace.

Then then the famous actress Robin Givens came in his life. Both also got married. in the year 1988. But it was not yet six-eight months that Givens accused Mike of beating. He also filed for divorce in the court. The relationship broke down the very next year. This proved to be another setback for Mike. As if someone pulled the red carpet from under the feet amidst the heavy glare of fame and threw it on its face. During this, Mike kept saying that the fault in this relationship is not his alone. is two-way. But no one listened to him. That’s when he got another big blow. In February 1990, James ‘Buster’ Douglas changed the game by defeating Mike in the boxing arena. However, something worse was yet to happen.mike tyson

This is from the year 1991. There was a big procession of people of black society in Indianapolis. In the name of ‘Black Expo’. Mike also joined in this. His fame had not yet descended from the minds of the people. Rather, it remained intact despite the loss to Douglas. The almighty and madness of the girls was also the same as before. And in the same light, he had a physical relationship with Desiree Washington, an 18-year-old black girl. A beauty contest of girls was also held during that procession. Desiree had come to participate in the same. Some girls like Jackie Boatwright and Parkita Nassau were with him. The two later confirmed that the physical relationship between Mike and Desiree resulted from their consent. But Desiree called it rape and filed a case in court and demanded damages from Mike. The matter remained in the headlines all over the world.

Vince Fuller, a prominent lawyer in Washington DC, fought this case on behalf of Mike. But he put forth opposite arguments in the court. Mike kept saying that he did not rape. But in court his own lawyer said, ‘Mike Tyson is the worst person on this earth. Respected men and women should have thought before entering his hotel room.’ Obviously Mike Tyson lost the case. A girl weighing just 48 kg (106 lb) beat a champion boxer who weighed 108 kg (240 lb). Mike was imprisoned for six years in this case. This happened in February 1992. He had to go to jail and in June of the same year Desiree had to pay a fixed amount as compensation. However, three years later, in the year 1995, he was also released prematurely in this case.

It is said that during his stay in jail, Mike studied a lot of religious books. He got attached to the books of Islam and adopted the religion. It is said, he often used to say to one of his doctors, Marilyn Murray, ‘I have definitely not done the crime I just got punished for. But before that he has done a lot of bad things. And it seems that now I am getting the punishment for which I have to suffer. However, in March 1995, Mike was released from prison and then entered the arena for boxing. From August to September of the same year, he constantly dusted off big boxers like Peter McNealy, Buster Mathis Jr., Frank Bruno and Bruce Seldon. After this, in November 1996, he faced Evander Holyfield. The tall boxer, about whom it is said that he not only defeated Mike in the boxing arena but also insulted him.

Mike Tyson was horrified by this. The intention of taking revenge on Holyfield was in his mind. And the opportunity to fulfill this plan came in June 1997, on the 28th. The fight started. Everything was going well till half the time. But Holyfield was overshadowing Mike this time too. That’s when Holyfield hit a hard punch near Mike’s eye and looked away with a contemptuous gaze. Blood oozed out from near Mike’s eye. And that’s when the Brownsville town boy overcame champion Mike Tyson. He rode on Holyfield in a bloody manner. He stuffed his ear in his mouth. Now Holyfield was screaming terribly. were suffering. The referee was ordering the game to stop. But if the champion was Mike Tyson, he would have listened to the referee. Who cares about the Mike of Brownsville? He left Holyfield after chewing his ear badly. The world was shocked by this.mike tyson

It is said that many people had to struggle to get Holyfield out of Mike’s grip. And later, to cool Mike’s forehead, he also had to bathe with several bottles of beer. Then somewhere his anger cooled down. But from here his notoriety had now become a hot topic for the whole world. But after that for many years he did not try to change the situation. Rather, it is said that in a 1999 match, boxer Francos tried to break Botha’s hand. Then in a match in the year 2000, he ran to kill the referee. Cases of his drunkenness and beating other people outside the arena were also making headlines. It seemed that he no longer cared for himself. It is said that after a year, in another match, he got the tattoo done on half the face. When someone asked about it, he started saying, ‘I have hated myself. He gets angry seeing his face in the mirror. That’s why the face is covered.

The turning point of Tyson’s boxing journey up and down came in June-2005. He had to face defeat in this match against Kevin McBride. And from here he may have made up his mind to leave the boxing arena again. Then till now he has not landed in any professional competition. But take note. This ‘disgraced king’ of boxing has played the same 58 professional matches in his entire life so far. He could be defeated in only six of these matches. Whereas in 44 out of the 50 won matches, he had beaten the boxer in front of him in the early stages of the game. That’s why Mike Tyson was also called ‘Kid Dynamite’.
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(Note: References for this story are from the ABC News documentary Mike Tyson – The Knockout.)

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