Special feature for women on WhatsApp! Periods date will be able to be tracked, the complete way is easy


Period Tracker on WhatsApp: Our life is becoming a lot easier with WhatsApp. Apart from sharing photos, videos, documents, now a facility has come which is for special women. Actually now women will be able to track their periods through WhatsApp. Feminine hygiene brand Sirona has launched India’s first period tracker on WhatsApp. For this, the company has also given a WhatsApp number. Users can track their periods by sending ‘Hi’ to Sirona WhatsApp Business account at 9718866644.

Sirona said in its press release that period tracking tool can be used for three things. We can use it to track periods, conceive and avoid pregnancy.

Deep Bajaj Ltd, Co-Founder and CEO, Sirona Hygiene Pvt Ltd, said about the collaboration with WhatsApp – “Technology has the potential to transform the lives of menstruating people, and we are using it to create a better environment and community for them. So that they can connect and flourish. We leverage AI and intuitive technology to provide easy access to our users through WhatsApp.

Users will have to enter the details of their periods and the details of the previous period, then the chatbot will keep a record and share the reminder and upcoming periods date as per the user’s target.

If you also want to track the date of your period, then we are telling you the complete step by step method.

Step 1- For this, first of all save the number 9718866644 in your phone.

Step 2- Then write ‘Hi’ on this number in WhatsApp chat.

Step 3-Sirona will present a list of options.

Step 4- To track the periods out of this, you have to write ‘period tracker’ in the box.

Step 5- Now you will be asked about your period details.

Important thing: Sirona will inform you about your ovulation details, fertile window, next period and last period. Not only this, the length of your cycle can also be seen in this.

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