Shahid Kapoor holidaying in Italy with family, wife Mira shared pictures


Bollywood’s chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor never shies away from giving time to his family. He often goes on vacation with wife Meera and children. The last time where Shahid went on a trip to Switzerland with the family, his latest family tour is in Italy. Pictures related to spending time with family in Italy have been shared by Mira Rajput on social media. Meera is very active on social media and keeps sharing events related to her life. Recently, he has shared some photos while on vacation in Italy.

In the caption of this photo, Meera wrote, ‘Buon Giorno’, It is an Italian word which means hello. While sharing her photo, Meera has said hello to her fans. Meera, who is active on social media, has shared 7 photos with this post. Today we show you all those photos of Mira Rajput Kapoor, in which she has shared her photo apart from flowers, fruits.

Shahid Kapoor is spending quality time with family these days. The pictures related to this have been shared by Shahid’s wife Mira Rajput Kapoor on her social media account. Meera has shared 5-6 pictures related to Italy trip with family on her social media account. Apart from wife Mira, Shahid Kapoor is in Italy with daughters Misha and Zain.

In the first picture, Mira is seen in a monocony dress with floral print. The second picture is shared by Meera of her hand and sunglasses. Meera shared the third photo of flowers. Light, deep pink white shade flowers are seen in this photo. In the next picture, Meera has shared a photo of a plate, in which seasonal fruits are visible. In the following pictures, Meera has given place to things related to food and drink. Cheese, cream and greens can be seen in the picture. In the next picture, Meera has uploaded the photo of Fruit Corten and finally Meera has shared her photo in the photo. Meera is wearing a baby pink color shirt and hid her face with flowers. Seeing these pictures, it is certain that Shaheed Kapoor is enjoying the holidays with wife Meera and children.

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