Presidential Election: Draupadi Murmu will create history as soon as she becomes President, will make these 5 big records in her name


New Delhi: The Modi government at the Center has surprised everyone by making Draupadi Murmu a candidate for the post of President, because the name of Draupadi Murmu for this post is such that hardly anyone has thought about it. Draupadi Murmu reached the Parliament House on Friday and filed her nomination for the post of President. During this, many big leaders of BJP including BJP President JP Nadda were present.

Yashwant Sinha is the candidate of opposition from Draupadi Murmu in the presidential election. However, Draupadi Murmu’s victory is considered certain after getting majority in the center and support from many state governments. If Draupadi Murmu becomes the next President of the country, then she will set many records at once.

The country will get the youngest president

If Draupadi Murmu becomes the next President of the country, she will be the youngest ever President of India. Draupadi Murmu was born on 20 June 1958. She is 64 years old. When she will take oath of office on July 25, then her age will be 64 years 1 month 8 days.

Before Draupadi Murmu, the record of the youngest President of the country was in the name of Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, who was elected unopposed in 1977. When he assumed the presidency, his age was 64 years 2 months 6 days.

Draupadi Murmu will be the first tribal leader President

Draupadi Murmu will make another record as soon as she takes over as the President. No leader of the tribal community could ever come to this constitutional post of the country. Draupadi Murmu is a tribal leader. The country has neither got any Prime Minister nor any President from this community so far. If Murmu wins the election, she will set the record for the first tribal woman president. Let us inform that Murmu has previously been the Governor of Jharkhand from 2015 to 2021.

The country will get the first President to be born in independent India

Draupadi Murmu will be the first President of the country who is born in independent India. All the people who have so far held the constitutional post of President in the country were born before 1947. The current President Ram Nath Kovind was also born on 1 October 1947. Let us tell you that till 2014, the leaders who occupied the two top positions of the country, the President and the Prime Minister, were born before 1947.

The first councilor who will be in the post of President

If Draupadi Murmu reaches the post of President, then it will be the first time in the country that who started his political career as a councilor and now he will occupy the country’s highest constitutional post. Draupadi Murmu started her career as a teacher but her political journey started with becoming a councilor in 1997. After 3 years, she became an MLA for the first time.

Odisha is one of the states giving President

The country had not yet received a single President from Odisha. If Draupadi Murmu becomes the next President of the country, then she will be the first leader from Odisha to reach this post. This constitutional post of the country has been mostly occupied by the leaders of South India. So far, 7 out of 14 Presidents of the country belonged to South India.

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