President Joe Biden’s big statement – America will increase military power in Europe in view of Russia’s threat


Madrid: US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that the US is expanding its forces in Europe to strengthen regional security following Russia’s attack on Ukraine and will build the first permanent base in Poland.

Meeting NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the inauguration of the annual summit of leaders of NATO member states in Madrid, Biden said “NATO is strong and united” and the steps taken at the summit will “reinforce our collective strength.” Will increase further.

Biden said the US was setting up a permanent headquarters in Poland, sending a fleet of two additional F-35 fighters to Britain and adding more air defense and other capability systems to Germany and Italy.

Biden said, “Today I am announcing that the United States will increase its force presence in Europe and act proactively in the changing security landscape and strengthen our collective security.”

“We are going to establish a permanent headquarters in Poland, US Fifth Military Corps, and strengthen US-NATO interoperability throughout the Eastern Region,” he said.

Biden announced a day earlier that the US would deploy two additional destroyers to its naval base in Rota, Spain.

The White House said that Biden has a commitment that there will be a presence of more than one lakh American soldiers in Europe. That number has risen by nearly 20,000 since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine four months ago.


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