Prayagraj: Friday prayers were performed peacefully, administration and police department showed prompt


Prayagraj. After the violence and ruckus after Friday prayers in Sangam city Prayagraj, on the third Friday, prayers were offered peacefully in all mosques including Jama Masjid in the city. On June 10, in the area of ​​Atala where the violence took place, the worshipers offered prayers peacefully in other mosques including Badi Atala Masjid. Namazis prayed for peace and progress of the country. On this occasion, Mohammad Rizwan Ansari, a member of the Atala Badi Masjid Committee, has said that there is complete peace in the city. There is no news of any unrest anywhere.

He has said that even on June 10, some people who came from outside tried to create disturbances. The police and administration had also appealed to the religious leaders as well as the dignitaries of the city that people should go to their homes after the Friday prayers. Do not crowd people anywhere. During this, after the namaz, everyone returned to their homes peacefully and people did not gather in any area. During this, the police force was stationed all over the place and was seen appealing to the people to return home directly after the Namaz.

Along with this, a close watch was also being kept on social media. The effect of the administration’s appeal and preparation was also seen today. Jummah prayers were offered in the entire district in a safe and peaceful manner. However, after the brutal murder of a tailor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur, Rajasthan, the sensitivity about Friday prayers had increased. In view of this, the top officials of the police and administration were also taking special precautions. The DM had posted magistrates at the outpost level and a large number of police and PAC forces were also deployed. Because of which everything was normal. After the violence, the top officials of the police and administration have also breathed a sigh of relief after the Friday prayers were successfully completed on the third Friday.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : July 01, 2022, 16:04 IST


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