Politics on the symbol! JDU on BJP’s demand – Confident in not making Nitish Kumar into change!


Patna. A new political ruckus has arisen in Bihar regarding the logo of the Bihar government. The people of Bihar have started seeing a deadlock between the ruling party JDU and BJP. Actually; In Bihar, BJP has demanded to change the symbol of Bihar itself. BJP MLA Sanjeev Chaurasia has advised to use the logo installed in the Central Hall of Lok Sabha instead of the symbol used by the Bihar government. The logo displayed in this emblem with a Buddhist tree, Pataliputra wall and Swastika.

The BJP MLA believes that the symbol being used in Parliament is more appropriate. Bihar government should use this symbol. A non-official resolution has also been given in the Bihar Legislative Assembly regarding this. However, JDU has strongly objected to the demand of BJP. JDU MLC Khalid Anwar said that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar does not believe in changing, he believes in making.

Nothing is going to change in Bihar, which is an old tradition and the same people that are being used from the past will continue to be used. Those who do not know Nitish Kumar; They should know that neither the date nor the name of any city will change in Bihar, nor the years old symbol of Bihar will change.

Only JDU and BJP have no objection to the symbol. In fact, PM Modi is going to unveil the symbol of the newly created Bihar in the Bihar Legislative Assembly complex soon. The RJD has also objected to this.

Apart from BJP and JDU, there is a demand of RJD that the swastika should be removed from this symbol. RJD also objected to the demand of BJP and said that the country runs by the Constitution. BJP wants to change the constitution itself. However, now BJP-JDU are face to face on this issue and RJD and JDU have one voice. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see what turn the politics started on the symbol takes.

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