Paytm brought updated Photo QR with new feature, understand what are the benefits and how to use?


New Delhi. Digitization has made payment facilities much easier than before. You can see the payment facility by QR code at every small or big shop, place of business. Whether you are shopping in a luxurious showroom of a big mall or eating chaat from street corner, QR payment facility will be easily available. Digital payment has become quite common now and it is included in the habit of all of us.

However, the same business owner may use more than one QR code at their store multiple times. If you are also troubled by different QR codes and find it difficult to manage, then there is good news for you. The world of QR codes is about to change completely, after which you are sure to get the best experience. Now the new era of QR payment through Photo QR has started. Get all the information related to the new feature of QR code here and here are the answers to all your questions related to it.

what Is Photo QR, before This Life take
One of the most unique and best features of Paytm is Photo QR. More than 20 lakh business owners are currently using this feature. Also want to tell you here that the new and improved version of normal QR is Photo QR. This feature allows business owners to customize their QRs.

Business owners can add a custom image to their QR. In addition, the name and phone number of the shop are also included in the photo QR. This is a great option for connecting your business with customers. Photo QR is special in this respect, because it has all the features of normal QR and some different great features have also been added.

Photo QR To use Doing Is extremely Easy
Photo QR uses a single photo to create a completely different QR code that is customised. Business owners can choose their own image for this. Like it can be your selfie, brand logo or any picture already saved in your phone gallery. Plus, you can also choose from beautiful photos on the Photo QR customization page in the Paytm for Business app gallery. These include photos of festivals, historical buildings.

The merchant first has to create his own Photo QR using his favorite photo. Once the Photo QR is created, merchants can download its digital copy and share it with their customers. Customers can make payment by scanning that digital copy. Apart from this, merchants can also order stickers and stand of Photo QR, which can be installed at the shop and take payment.

Photo QR Why? use Doing should, understand Here
There are many benefits of using Photo QR. The best of them all is that it gives a personal touch to your business through payments. This is the best option to grow your business.

You can choose any picture you want for Photo QR. Be it your funny selfie, brand logo, famous buildings or even a festival. You can choose your favorite picture from tons of beautiful pictures in your phone gallery and Paytm for Business app.

good customer experience
Photo QR is a golden opportunity for business owners to make the brand reach out to their customers and build a special relationship with them. It is not just a method of payment like a normal QR code. Another good thing with this is that apart from increasing the business, it also gives a good experience to the customers. Customers who use Photo QR are also completely confident. There is no doubt or doubt in the minds of the customers whether they have paid on the correct QR code or not.

Photo QR get of Easy method Life take
Business owners don’t have to do much to order a Photo QR. It’s very simple. For this, open Paytm for Business app. Click on the Photo QR icon appearing on the homepage. Select a photo to add to the QR.

Whether it’s a selfie, a photo saved in the business owner’s phone gallery, or a photo saved in the gallery, you can select it in the ‘Customize Page’ section. Select your favorite picture from it and proceed to the next step.

can be easily tracked
After selecting a photo, the business owner needs to enter an address. After this, in the last step, you have to pay for ordering Photo QR. After payment, Photo QR order is placed. After this, you can check your order on Paytm’s business app and can also easily track it before reaching home.

The QR which is being used everywhere is now old and very boring. With Photo QR, you will continue to get all the benefits that you get by using a normal QR. Photo QR is also a good facility to increase your business and you will not have any problem with it. Order your Photo QR today. How this feature can help you grow your business, here see,

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