Nice trick! iPhone users can pick up anyone’s call without even touching the phone, this is the way


iPhone Tips and Tricks: Smartphones are being used by everyone nowadays, and companies are offering more than one features keeping in mind the convenience of the customers. By the way, Apple iPhone is considered to be the most premium category in the smartphone market, and this is the reason why the company also maintains its standard level. Many features are available in Apple’s phone, and talking about one of the very unique features, it has the feature of Auto Answers call.

The auto-answer call feature comes with iOS 13 and above. It allows users to answer calls automatically after a specified number of rings when a call is received.

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Step 1-For this, first go to the Settings app.

Step 2-Then tap on Accessibility.

Step 3-Then you have to scroll down, and go to Step 4-Physical and Motor section, here you have to tap on Touch option.

Step 5-Now tap on ‘Call Audio Routing’.

Step 6-Here turn on Auto Answer Calls toggle. The good thing is that you can select here that after how many seconds of ringing, the phone should be answered.

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This means that users can pick up any call, and talk without touching the phone.
This feature is very useful when your phone is out of reach while you are eating, driving. The special thing is that not only does this feature make phone calls, but this feature also works with Facetime calls and WhatsApp calls.

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