NASA launches project to find clouds on Mars, you can also apply


Washington. Information related to the Moon and Mars has always been interesting to scientists and us. Space agencies around the world are running their missions to find the possibility of life on Mars. The American space agency NASA and China’s space agency are at the forefront. NASA scientists are working to solve a mystery related to the atmosphere of Mars. The special thing is that you can also help them in this.

For this, NASA has organized a project on its citizen science platform Juniverse. In this project named ‘Cloudspotting on Mars’, people get a chance to identify clouds on Mars. NASA believes that it is easy for people to recognize them with their eyes.

There were lakes and rivers on Mars
It is believed that there were lakes and rivers on Mars billions of years ago. At that time the atmosphere of Mars was thick. Scientists want to understand how the planet lost its atmosphere over time. If you would like to help NASA scientists with this project or have an interest in astronomy, click on the link to launch the project can join.

NASA has 16 years of data to identify and quantify clouds on Mars. This data has been collected by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). It has been studying Mars since 2006. The instrument of this orbiter has taken many pictures of Mars. In these, the clouds appear like arches. The NASA team is taking the help of the public to mark these arches.

Marek Slipsky, a postdoctoral researcher at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said that we want to learn what triggers the formation of clouds. The success of the project could help researchers understand why the Martian atmosphere is only 1 percent denser than Earth’s. Whereas evidence shows that the atmosphere of Mars used to be thicker.

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