Nainital: The city of Sarovar lit up again with high mask LED light, it was closed for years, electricity will be saved


(Report- Himanshu Joshi)

Nainital. The High Mask Lights in Nainital are now shining once again. Decades ago, these lights were installed at different intersections of Sarovar Nagari, but after some time they were stopped, after which they remained only showpieces. Now all the lights have started burning once again and the lake is illuminating the city at night.

In these high mask lights, LED bulbs have been installed by the Nainital Municipality. After this, the process of burning all the lights in the night has started again.

Municipal officer Ashok Kumar Verma said that these lights were installed many years ago in places like Mallital Pant Park, Tallital Danth, Masjid Tiraha, Lake Bridge octroi in the busy areas of Nainital. At that time, due to the presence of mercury lights in them, it used to cost 6400 watts per month. However, with the installation of LED bulbs, it has now come down to about 575 watts per month. That is, the expenditure has come down by about 80 to 85 percent.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : June 27, 2022, 15:12 IST


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