Modi government tightens the noose on drugs mafia, seizures increased by 25 times in last 8 years


New Delhi. Modi government is working at many levels to stop drug smuggling. The Ministry of Home Affairs came into action only after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for a ‘drugs-free India’. In the last eight years, the Ministry of Home Affairs has done the work of chalking out all the investigating agencies related to illegal drugs business. Reformed laws that had become irrelevant and also strengthened coordination at the state and international level. Anti Narcotics Task Force has been constituted in all the states. Now its effect is visible. On the occasion of International Anti-Drug Day on 26 June, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has said that the work done in the last eight years on drug abuse and illegal smuggling has never been done before. Giving a clear message to the drug mafia, the Home Minister said that now a campaign has started to get India out of the web of international drug smuggling.

Let us tell you that organized drug mafia in many states adjacent to the Indian border send narcotics like heroin, ganja, opium, crystal methamphetamine, pseudo ephedrine, WY tablets in synthetic drugs to other parts of India. The Ministry of Home Affairs of the Central Government has also admitted that the menace of drugs is increasing in the country and youth are becoming victims of it. That is why the Home Ministry has also given top priority to the war against drugs. Now in the war against drugs, the individual initiatives of the Modi government as well as the state governments of many states like Manipur, Gujarat, Punjab and Maharashtra have added edge to this war against drugs.

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah told the action taken during the eight years of the Modi government.

Modi government’s action on organized drug mafia
If we compare the action taken during the eight years of the Modi government with the action taken in the previous eight years, then there has been a manifold increase in the quantity of drugs caught to the arrest of smugglers. According to the data, only 1257 cases of drug smuggling were registered in the eight years before the Modi government i.e. between 2006 and 2013, but between 2014 and 2022, it has increased by 152 percent to 3172. During this, the number of arrested accused increased by 260 percent from 1363 to 4,888.

So many seizures in the last eight years
In the last eight years, more deadly drugs like heroin, cocaine, ketamine, mephedrone are being caught at the country’s ports and airports. If we talk about the quantity of the seized drugs, then it almost doubled from 1.52 lakh kg to 3.33 lakh kg. In the eight years prior to 2014, 71 kg of morphine, 1606 kg of heroin, 216 kg of ketamine were seized as compared to 616 kg of morphine, 3899 kg of heroin and 784 kg of ketamine after 2014. Similarly, in drug-related cases, more than Rs 20 thousand crore have been seized after 2014 as compared to Rs 768 crore in the eight years before 2014.

The special thing is that in the action of the Modi government, where earlier only small drug suppliers were caught, now the big suppliers are getting tightened. Along with this, the hi-tech suppliers of encrypted messages and cryptocurrency on the darknet have also started tightening. In the same year, several large networks supplying large quantities of heroin from Afghanistan to India were busted. In this connection, 150 kg of heroin worth Rs 1500 crore was seized from a godown located in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi. Similarly, an internet pharmacy was busted in Hyderabad, which used to supply narcotics through post to America.

MHA is working like this
After the instructions of the Ministry of Home Affairs, now the Narco Coordination Center has been formed involving all the agencies. It meets every month in the district and every three months in the state. At the national level, the Narcotics Control Bureau coordinates with the State Coordination Centres. Along with this, all the states have been asked to constitute a Narcotics Task Force under the leadership of Additional Director General of Police or Director of Police. This task force also serves as the secretariat for the Narco Coordination Center in the state. This has given a new edge to the fight against drugs in the entire country. Along with this, the Bureau of Police Research and Development is preparing a new database to completely curb drug smuggling. It will be shared with all agencies.

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Overall, now Anti Narcotics Task Force has been constituted in all the states. 24X7 National Narcotics Helpline Numbers have been started. The National Canine Squad has been created. De-addiction centers have been opened in all the major jails of the country. For better coordination, NCORD portal has been launched with the slogan Say Yes to Life, No to Drugs.

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