miracle! iPhone found in working condition 10 months ago dropped in river


London. Imagine that a phone falls in a river and after 10 months you get the phone in working condition. Not sure is it? Well, this is not fiction but a true incident. Actually, the iPhone of a British man fell in the river ten months ago. In such a situation, he had no hope of getting the mobile, so he went ahead. One day after 10 months of this incident, he suddenly gets information that his lost phone has been found.

a BBC report According to reports, during a bachelor party in August 2021, the iPhone of UK’s Owen Davis was dropped in the Wye River near Gloucestershire. Thinking that he could no longer get the phone back, he returned home. Then, about ten months later, he was approached by a man named Miguel Pacheco, who had gone canoeing with his family on the same river. While canoeing, Pacheco found Davis’s iPhone. He picked up that device. After this, Pacheco first dried the phone to find out the owner of the phone and then posted about the phone on Facebook.

phone was full of water
Pacheco told the BBC, ‘I didn’t think it was not a phone. It was filled with water. He said that I knew that this phone might not start, but despite this I tried to dry it. I thought there might be some sentimental stuff in it. I know that if I lose my phone, I will lose the pictures of my kids in my phone and I would like to get them back somehow.

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posted on facebook about phone
After drying the phone, when he put the device for charge, the phone started charging. Seeing this, Pacheco could not believe his eyes. After this, when he started the phone, he saw the screensaver of a man and a woman on 13 August. The phone had fallen in the river on the same day. Pacheco’s post about the lost iPhone was shared 4000 times on Facebook, but Davis was not on social media. Although Davis’ friends on Facebook recognized his phone and helped him contact Pacheco.

Impressed with attempts to start the phone
Davis told the BBC about the incident when the phone fell into the river, saying that I was in a canoe with two people and my teammates probably shouldn’t have stood on it. Needless to say, we fell for him. Because the phone was in my back pocket, it fell from my pocket. He said that he was very impressed by the efforts made by Pacheco to start my phone.

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iPhones can stay in water for 30 minutes
Let us tell you that all the iPhones launched in recent years are IP68 rated, i.e. phones can survive in water for 30 minutes, but surviving a phone in water for 10 months was like a miracle, which is not very often. It happens.

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