Mayawati’s enthusiasm is high after Sanjivani from the by-election, a big meeting convened on June 30


Mamta Tripathi
Lucknow. BSP (BSP) candidate came third in the Lok Sabha by-elections, but due to the 29 percent votes received by Guddu Shah Jamali, BSP chief Mayawati’s enthusiasm is high and she is determined to maintain this increased enthusiasm of her party. On June 30, a big meeting of the party has been called in Lucknow. Mayawati was continuously speaking against the Samajwadi Party since the defeat in the assembly elections, accusing her of tricking a particular community, she had been continuously accusing the SP since the election results.

Political experts believe that the real ‘Shah’ of Azamgarh by-election was Guddu Jamali, who thorny the path of SP’s victory. Mayawati’s entire focus is now on the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. In 2007, the BSP supremo, who came to power in the state for the first time in 2007 by social engineering of castes, is again focusing more on her old formula Dalit-Muslim. However, during the review of the defeat of the assembly elections, Mayawati had talked about forming four groups in the party, namely Dalit, OBC, Muslim and upper caste.

Most of the leaders who left the BSP had joined the SP.

Before the 2022 assembly elections, most of the leaders who left the BSP had joined the SP because the SP had managed to create an atmosphere in the political circles that the only alternative to the BJP was the SP. This was the reason that this perception became common among the public that BSP is not in the race, due to which both Jatavs and non-Jatavs voted for SP in some seats. Seasoned politician Mayawati was most upset by the fact that 95 percent of Muslims voted for the SP in the assembly. Let us tell you that due to the social engineering that Mayawati came to power in 2007, there was a significant number of Muslim voters in it. Mayawati fielded a Muslim candidate from Azamgarh to avenge the same defeat in the assembly elections and made a huge dent in the SP’s Muslim vote bank, due to which the SP lost in a close contest on this seat. On the other hand, by not fielding any candidate from Rampur, he gave a message to the Muslims that BSP respects Muslims.

Mayawati’s strategy caused loss to SP in elections

In the assembly elections also, Mayawati had given Muslim candidates where SP’s Muslim candidates were there, due to which SP had to face defeat in many seats by a margin of very less votes. Mayawati, who has been the Chief Minister of the country’s largest state four times, has only one MLA, after which Mayawati is again engaged in building her party. Mayawati feels that a large part of the anti-BJP vote bank in the state has gone with the SP, to which she is constantly giving statements with the address of a specific community. BSP leaders believe that it is very difficult at present to break the Chakravyuh of BJP’s vote bank.

Mayawati made big changes, is also active on social media

Dalit thinker Dr. Ravikant believes that since the assembly results of 2022, the discussion has become common in the political circles that the BSP is over. To prove this discussion wrong, Mayawati wants to establish among her voters that she is still in the race. However, it has been proved through BJP’s own internal report that BJP has a big vote bank shift of Mayawati. That is why, soon after the election, Mayavati dissolved the entire executive body of her party and formed it anew and gave a big responsibility to her nephew Akash in the organization so that she could give a new direction to the missing organization with the zeal of youth power and her own experience. He also showed the way out of the party by identifying many leaders. Mayawati is also bringing a change in her way of doing politics, her reaction to the matters happening in the country on social media comes immediately.

BSP has started preparations for Mission 2024

Bhai Chara Committee is being started again in BSP, as well as the party has more emphasis on personal contact. Going from village to door to door, explaining to its people and making them aware again about Bahujan Samaj is included in the agenda of the party. Senior Muslim leader of BSP says that we are in competition with BJP which is in election mode all the time. The leaders of the Samajwadi Party are doing part time politics, because of their wrong decisions, their party will end on its own. Bahujan Samaj Party has started preparations for Mission 2024 under the guidance of Behen ji. Muslim brothers in Azamgarh have proved that BSP is their own party.

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