Maharashtra: Medical operator was murdered in Amravati before Udaipur for writing a post in support of Nupur Sharma!


Amravati. The murder of Kanhaiyalal in Udaipur, Rajasthan shook the whole country. The killers killed tailor Kanhaiyalal Teli for posting in support of suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma. At the same time, another incident is coming to the fore that just a week before the murder of tailor Kanhaiyalal Teli in Udaipur, 54-year-old chemist Umesh Prahladrao Kolhe was brutally murdered on June 21 in Amravati district of Maharashtra. Officials probing the case now believe that Kolhe was killed over a social media post allegedly supporting BJP’s Nupur Sharma, who made controversial remarks on the prophet in a TV debate. Following a complaint by Umesh Kohli’s son Sanket Kohle, a preliminary inquiry by the City Kotwali police station in Amravati led to the arrest of two persons, Mudassir Ahmed and 25-year-old Shahrukh Pathan, on June 23.

The interrogation of him revealed the involvement of four more people. Out of which three i.e. Abdul Taufik (24), Shoaib Khan (22) and Atib Rashid (22) were arrested on June 25. Apart from this, Shamim Ahmed is absconding. According to the Indian Express report, the incident took place on June 21 between 10 pm and 10.30 pm when Umesh Kolhe was going home after closing his shop ‘Amit Medical Store’. Sanket, 27, and his wife Vaishnavi were with him on another scooter. Sanket told the police in his complaint, ‘We were going from Prabhat Chowk and our scooter had reached the gate of Women’s College New High School. Two men on a motorcycle suddenly came in front of my father’s scooty.

was attacked on the middle road
They stopped my father’s bike and one of them stabbed him with a knife on the left side of his neck. My father fell and was bleeding. I stopped my scooter and started shouting for help. Another person came and the trio fled the spot on a motorcycle. With the help of people around, Kolhe was taken to the nearby Exxon Hospital, where he died. “The five accused arrested so far have told us that they sought the help of another accused, who provided them with a car and Rs 10,000 to escape,” a senior police officer of Amravati city police told The Indian Express.

Posted in support of Nupur Sharma
The officer said that one of the absconding accused had assigned five other specific tasks for the murder. He had asked two of them to keep an eye on Kolha and alert the other three when they came out of the medical store. The other three stopped Kolhe and beat him up. After Sanket’s complaint, an FIR was registered at City Kotwali police station. “During investigation we came to know that Kolhe had circulated a social media post on WhatsApp supporting Nupur Sharma. By mistake, he posted the message on a group with Muslim members who were also his customers. One of the arrested accused said that it was an insult to the Prophet and hence he should die.

Police is engaged in investigation
The police have confiscated the knife, mobile phone, vehicle and the clothes used in the crime and obtained the CCTV footage from the crime scene. Also told that “We have sent the seized electronic equipment to DFSL, and the investigation of technical evidence is going on. The bank accounts of all the arrested accused and their family members have been recovered and investigation is on.”

The son said that the father was not killed because of the robbery.
Asked if his father’s murder could have been because of a social media post, Sanket told The Indian Express, “My father was a very jovial person. He never spoke abusive words about anyone nor was he associated with any political party. I have also heard that he was murdered on his social media post, but I checked his Facebook profile and found nothing objectionable. What was the motive, only the police can tell. But I can say with certainty that he was not murdered for dacoity.”

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