Lucknow: After all, why the historical gallery of Bhool Bhulaiyaa became silent? Dream became a mysterious voice for 3 years


Report – Anjali Singh Rajput

Lucknow. The historical gallery of the maze built in the Bada Imambara of Lucknow, the capital of UP, has become silent now. For the last 3 years, the mysterious voice, which has been the center of attraction for the tourists, has stopped coming, because the Archaeological Department had closed this historical gallery due to weakness. At the same time, the work of repairing this gallery has also got stuck amid the ongoing tussle and legal battle between Hussainabad Trust and Archaeological Department. Tourists coming here from abroad have to bear the brunt of this. Tourists are not able to see this historical even after taking a ticket of 40 rupees. Not only this, due to the closure of this gallery, there is a situation of jam in the whole maze, due to which tourists are facing problems.

Despite the responsibility of repairing this 200-year-old building, it has not been repaired yet. At the same time, Maulana Saif Abbas Naqvi, chairman of Siya Chand Committee, has also accused the Archaeological Department of corruption. They say that despite the budget coming, why is the Archaeological Department not getting these historical buildings repaired.

The mysterious voice came from the historical gallery

There are three galleries in the maze. In which the first gallery is called the most historical gallery. The reason for this is that from a distance of 163 feet in this gallery, when the guide used to run matches or the sound of pinching, the sound of the tourists standing at a distance was very close. Due to being a very interesting gallery, it always remained a center of attraction for tourists coming from abroad.

Lucknow Bhool Bhulaiya: It is difficult to get out of the maze! Where even the walls have ‘ears’

When and by whom was it built?

The Bada Imambara was built by Asaf-ud-Daula, the Nawab of Lucknow, between 1775 and 1797 with great pomp. The maze remains in this Imambara. It was also built by Asaf-ud-Daula, the Nawab of Awadh. No one has been able to know the mystery of the maze till date, how does the sound resonate in this 330 feet long tunnel. There are four paths everywhere in which 3 are wrong and one is right. There are 15 feet thick walls and two and a half feet thick path. It remains a maze like a spider’s web.

letter for repair

On January 24, 2019, the Archaeological Department wrote a letter to the secretary of the Hussainabad Trust, saying that this gallery of maze has become weak. In such a situation, the movement of people should be reduced so that no incident accident happens. At the same time, on 30 January 2019, Additional District Magistrate Santosh Kumar Vaish, who was the then Secretary of Hussainabad Trust, had written a letter to the Archaeological Department asking that it should be repaired at the earliest, because tourists coming from abroad are facing problems. Used to be. Despite this, the Archaeological Department did not pay any attention to its repair. At the same time, on 4 February 2021, once again in the Additional Municipal Magistrate Second, he had written a letter to the Archaeological Department requesting him to get this gallery repaired as soon as possible, because people are being deprived of seeing this historical. Paperwork is going on between the two departments continuously for the last 3 years regarding the repair of this gallery, but in reality no one paid attention to its repair.

Historical buildings come under Hussainabad Trust

All the historical buildings come under Hussainabad Trust and this Hussainabad Trust comes under the district administration. Hussainabad Trust is headed by the District Magistrate and the Additional District Magistrate is the Secretary. At the same time, there are some other members of this trust, including Habibul Hasan and Ahmed Mehndi.

The District Magistrate said the responsibility of the Archaeological Department

When Lucknow’s District Magistrate Suryapal Gangwar was talked about on this matter, he said that the Archeology Department has more information about this matter than him.

Hussainabad Trust should hold a meeting with us

On this matter, Dr. Aftab Hussain, the superintendent of the Archaeological Department, said that the Hussainabad Trust should hold a meeting with him. After this, it should be decided that how long should that balcony be closed for repair and later when it is opened, then how many people can go in it, all this should be decided in advance. He also said that keeping in mind the safety of the tourists, this balcony was closed 4 to 5 years ago. Presently, he and his department are liaising with the Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee to assess the structural strength and carrying capacity of the balcony. A decision in this regard will be taken after their report is received.

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