Leaving the woman suffering in labor pain, the doctor went to the wedding party, the child died in the womb


Hyderabad. A surprising case has come to light from Chareghat Hospital in the city. It is alleged that the doctor left a pregnant woman suffering in labor pain and went to a marriage ceremony. So the child died in the womb itself. A case has been registered against the hospital and investigation is going on.

According to the English newspaper New Indian Express, the police said that Syed Arif, a contractor of Golnaka area, was treating his 24-year-old wife Suraiya Fatima at Imtiaz Hospital. It was about to be delivered. On Friday, when his health deteriorated, Arif took him to his parents’ place and from there they went to Imtiaz Hospital for treatment. Due to the abnormal BP of Fatima, she was treated and sent home. When he again complained of uneasiness and severe back pain on Saturday, he was taken to the same hospital and admitted there on the advice of the doctor.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : June 28, 2022, 10:18 IST


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