Lancet Journal Report About Diabetic Patient Will Shock You Results Are Unvilievable


Type 1 diabetes patient in India: Sugar is, by the way, a disease associated with a bad lifestyle. Due to being genetic, this disease is being passed on from generation to generation. Doctors advise to correct lifestyle for sugar. Make your food better. If any symptoms of sugar are visible, then immediately see the doctor. Despite so much awareness, the statistics of type 1 diabetes in India are disturbing. According to the report published in the Lancet Journal, a large population of the country has been hit by sugar.

Every sixth patient is dying without investigation

According to a report published in The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, 8.6 lakh people in the country are suffering from type 1 diabetes. The more worrying thing is that out of these 6 people, one person is dying without investigation. By 2040, these figures can increase even more rapidly. If we talk about the world, then by the year 2021, the number of type 1 diabetes patients is 8.4 million (84 lakh). By 2040, this figure will also reach from 13.5 million to 17.4 million (25 million).

More patients increased in these countries

The Lancet has also recorded the number of type 1 diabetes patients in different countries. 10 countries have come to the fore, in which 60 percent of the total patients are diabetic. It is 5.08 million in numbers. Talking about ten countries, America, India, Brazil, China, Germany, UK, Russia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Spain are included.

If patients get insulin, the hope of life tied

Research has raised concerns that people in India are not getting insulin to prevent diabetes. Priyanka Rai, associated with the research, said that if it is ensured in India that every type 1 diabetes patient will get insulin, they will get a test strip and machine. If this is achieved by India by 2023, the life expectancy of more than half a million type 1 diabetes patients will increase.

What is type 1 diabetes

According to doctors, type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. It targets pancreatic beta cells in the body. For this reason, there is a lack of insulin in the body throughout life. Insulin is given to the patient for the rest of his life.

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