Lahaus Spiti: The thirst of 900 bighas of land of Tandi and Sumanam will be quenched by the water of Chandrabhaga


Prem Lal

keylong, Lift irrigation scheme of Himachal government will prove to be a boon for dozens of farmers of Tandi Panchayat of Lahaul Valley. The villagers have brought water from the Chandrabhaga river for irrigation at an altitude of 1700 meters, courtesy the Tribal Integrated Development Project, under the Public Cooperation Program in the development of the government. This information was given by the Minister of Technical Education and Tribal Development, Dr. Ramlal Markanda while launching the lift irrigation scheme prepared for Tandi.

He said that 15 percent of the total amount has been spent by the villagers under this scheme made under public cooperation in development. About 900 bighas of land will be irrigated by the Neer of Chandrabhaga river. 170 pipes have been installed from Chandrabhaga river to Tandi village while more than 300 pipes have been installed till Sumanam village. He said that the villagers of Upper Sumanam, Lower Sumanam, Phunkyar and Bogata villages of Tandi Panchayat, which are among the most drought-prone areas of Lahaul Valley, celebrated by celebrating the joy of reaching water for irrigation. The land of these villagers will no longer be drought-prone and all crops including peas, potatoes, cabbage will not be spoiled due to lack of water.

Technical Education Minister Dr. Ramlal Markandeya said that the villagers have brought water of Chandrabhaga river to Sumanam village through lifting drinking water scheme under Public Cooperation Program in Development. About 900 bighas of land will be irrigated by this water. He congratulated all the villagers. Villagers told that their problem was going on for decades. In winter, when there was sufficient snowfall, the crops were fine in summer, but in case of less snowfall, water was not available for irrigation and the crops dried up. Expressing happiness, he said that now this decades-old problem of his is over. He thanked State Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur and Technical Minister Dr. Ramlal Markandeya for bringing the lifting water drink scheme under public cooperation program and bringing it to the ground.


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