Kidnapping or conspiracy? Why did the kidnappers escape without taking a ransom of 50 lakhs after kidnapping the coaching manager?


Report – Chandan Bangari

Udham Singh Nagar. The manager of the Eyelet Coaching Center located in the city’s posh Colony Housing Development was kidnapped. The kidnappers had called the relative of the coaching operator from the manager’s phone and demanded a ransom of 50 lakhs. After this information, the police became active and late night recovered the kidnapped manager from Sitarganj. At the same time, those who kidnapped the manager were also arrested. The other three kidnappers are said to be absconding.

The matter is something like this, Satwant Singh is the manager in the Candid Immigration IELET Coaching Center in the housing development area of ​​Rudrapur. Some youths took him with them at 4 pm on Wednesday. At around 8.30 pm, the relative of the coaching operator was called from Satwant’s phone and told that the manager was in his possession. Along with this, a ransom of 50 lakhs was also demanded for his release. After this the operator of IELET coaching informed the police about the matter.

the possibility of a transaction dispute

After the information of the kidnapping, the force of all the nearby police stations reached the spot in a hurry. The investigation of CCTV cameras started. CO Abhay Singh reached the spot and took information. Satwant’s location was found in Sitarganj, from where the police recovered him and arrested a kidnapper. The kidnappers are being told of Puranpur Pilibhit. According to the police, a transaction dispute could also be behind the incident. But the police is currently avoiding saying anything directly. CO City Abhay Pratap Singh told that the police is investigating the whole matter.

Identity was increased on the pretext of going abroad

According to police sources, four people from Puranpur Pilibhit were involved in the kidnapping. These people had increased their closeness with Satwant on the pretext of going abroad. They thought that Satwant works to send people abroad, so there was a plan to kidnap him and recover huge amount. Under this plan, two youths came by car and kidnapped Satwant. Later, when the police became active, the hijacker escaped leaving Satwant and one of his accomplices in Sitarganj along with the car. Police are now looking for three absconding people. The second person who was found with Satwant is being interrogated.

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