Jupiter will be closest to Earth after 59 years on September 26, know how it can be seen?



Jupiter will be closest to Earth on Monday after 59 years.
In this event, the Earth will be between the Sun and Jupiter.
This phenomenon is called Jupiter at Apposition.

New Delhi: What can be a golden opportunity for astronomers when Jupiter will be closest to Earth in 59 years. According to NASA, people will be able to see this giant ball of gas on the whole night of 26 September. Jupiter, which is located at a distance of about 600 million miles from Earth, will be closer to 367 million miles on Monday, September 26. This phenomenon would be completely contradictory. Meaning Jupiter will rise in the east of the earth because at the same time the sun will be setting in the west.

During this supernatural event, the Earth will be between the Sun and Jupiter. This phenomenon is called Jupiter at Apposition. Because of which the gas ball will ignite in a larger amount than an event seen during any other time of the year. This opposition in astronomy can also happen with other celestial bodies other than Jupiter.

While there is an apposition with Jupiter every 13 months, this time it is going to be special for one reason. Jupiter will reach closest to Earth on Monday, which will coincide with Apposition. Therefore, astronomers can expect extraordinary sightings of the giant planet in the coming week.

how to view event
With a good telescope so that three or four Galilean satellites (moons) can be seen. It is important to remember that Galileo observed these moons with optics from the 17th century. “One of the key requirements for any system you use will be a ‘stable mount’,” said Adam Kobelsky, a research astrophysicist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

To view Jupiter’s Great Red Spot and bands in additional detail, Kobelsky recommends using a 4-inch or larger telescope. Using a few filters in the green to blue range would help make its characteristics more prominent, he said.

According to astrophysicists, this rare phenomenon can be seen from high altitude region which is dark and dry. “The incident can be seen before and even after September 26,” he said.

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