Jharkhand’s daughters are becoming international footballers by eating Maad Bhaat, selected for Under-17 FIFA Women’s World Cup


Ranchi. The identity of Jharkhand with hockey and archery is now emerging rapidly in the world of football. The daughters of rural areas of the state have proved their talent in the midst of struggles and challenges. Today the situation is that 5 daughters of Jharkhand are included in the Indian women’s team playing the Under-17 FIFA World Cup. It also includes the village of Ranchi, where footballer daughters Anita Kumari and Neetu Linda have made their mark around the world.

Today in the world of football, the daughters of Jharkhand are knocking. The selection of five daughters of Jharkhand in the Under-17 FIFA World Cup has proved that the daughters of the state have the skills to play every game. Among these five footballers, Anita Kumari and Neetu Linda are residents of Chari Hujir village of Kanke block of Ranchi, which is today known as the village of footballer daughters.

About 250 daughters practice every day

About 250 daughters from remote villages of Kanke and Ormanjhi blocks reach the ground to play football every morning. Most of them prove their passion for football by reaching the ground by bicycle or other vehicles. But, it is not so easy for these daughters of previous villages to reach the ground from home. These daughters, who are struggling with the problem of food and drink, have to face many taunts too.

This is the demand of footballers from the government

Anand Prasad Gop, coach of Right to Kick Club, who is training about two hundred and fifty footballer daughters including Anita and Neetu Linda, says that the talent is very high in the girls. There is just a need to improve them further through resources. Many of these girls who have played with Anita and Neetu have proved themselves at the national and international level. The biggest demand of these footballers, who are facing problems every day, is that the government should provide a residential center in their village itself, where they can be provided with kits along with living and food.

Make your identity by eating Maad Bhaat

In the selection of Anita Kumari, a resident of Kanke block of Ranchi in the Under-17 FIFA World Cup, her village Charihujir village of Kanke block has been brought into the limelight. The neglect of the alcoholic father and the strength of the working mother gave more strength to Anita’s steps. Anita’s mother tells that whatever the footballer daughter should get. It is not their thing to give that. She tells that the daughters of the poor become strong only after eating Maad Bhaat and make their mark in the world.

Anita lives in a mud house

Anita’s family, who lives in a kutcha house, remains very upset during the monsoon days. The working mother does not have enough money to strengthen the roof of her house. In a room of the mud house, many medals and shields won by Anita are kept, which are filled with clay dust. Anita’s mother tells that there is no meter in the house. But, this time the electricity bill has come close to 15 thousand. The neglect of the drunken father, however, left no stone unturned to break this family. But, Asha Devi raised her five daughters as laborers and also married three daughters by taking loan from Mahila Samiti.

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