Indian-origin Raja Krishnamurthy wins Democratic Party primary from Illinois


US CongressWashington. In the US, Indian-origin MP Raja Krishnamurthy has won the Democratic Party’s primary election from the state of Illinois. Krishnamurthy won a decisive mandate despite a massive communal campaign launched by his rival Junaid Ahmed. Krishnamurthy (48), who was extremely popular in the state of Illinois, defeated Junaid Ahmed by a margin of over 71 percent of the vote.

According to a news of the news agency Bhasha, Krishnamurthy said after this victory that ‘I am very honored by this victory. Democratic Party primary voters in the Eighth District of Illinois state voted in large numbers for me to be a member of the US Congress again.

He said that the people of the province of Illinois want peace, progress and prosperity. I will talk about issues related to middle class people in Congress and women’s rights related to pregnancy. Apart from this, I will also raise my voice against inflation and rising gas prices. I will continue to work tirelessly to resolve these issues in the coming months. The US Supreme Court in its latest decision has abolished the constitutional rights of pregnancy given to women. There is a lot of opposition to this.

How powerful have Indians become in America?

It is noteworthy that Raja Krishnamurthy of Indian origin has been serving as a member of the US Congress for the 8th district of Illinois since 2017. Krishnamurthy’s parents are from Tamil Nadu. Raja Krishnamurthy has been a three-time member of the US Congress. Raja Krishnamurti was born in New Delhi. He will now face Chris Dergis of the Republican Party in the US general election to be held on November 8.

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