If the account is banned on WhatsApp, then this feature will help you! Learn here easy process


WhatsApp Useful Feature: The account is banned for violating the terms and conditions of WhatsApp. When WhatsApp feels that some activity is happening from the account which is against the rules of the company and it is spam, then it bans it. But if you ever feel that there has not been any wrong activity from your account, then you can request to recover it back from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s FAQ page says that if your account has been banned, you will see this message when accessing WhatsApp – ‘Your phone number has been banned from using WhatsApp. Contact the support team for help.

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WhatsApp says it only bans it if it believes the activity of an account violates its terms of service

WhatsApp also says, ‘It is not necessary that we warn you before banning your account. If you believe that your account has been banned in error, users can email us, after which the account will be verified.

How to get back banned account…??
Step 1- When you try to log in to the banned WhatsApp account, there is an option to contact WhatsApp support just below the message, informing you that your account has been banned. Here you have to click on ‘Support’ option.

Step 2- After clicking on support option contact support page will open, here you have to type a message and add screenshot in support. However, know that adding a screenshot is optional. After that click on Next.

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Step 3- After this the email page will open, from where you can ask for help.

Step 4- After this, WhatsApp will investigate the matter and if it is found that their system has banned your account by mistake then your account can be restored.

However, if WhatsApp confirms that you have violated their terms of service, the ban will not be removed from your account.

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