How effective is the crash detection feature of the iPhone? Youtube test done to know



A popular YouTuber tested the crash detection feature of the iPhone.
YouTuber used a scrap car for testing.
Testing shows that this feature really works.

New Delhi. To find out how effective the iPhone’s crash detection feature is, a popular YouTuber from America tested this feature. For this, the YouTuber tied the iPhone 14 Pro to his car seat and then crashed another car. YouTuber Techrex has also posted a video of this accident.

The YouTuber created a setup to test how the iPhone 14 Pro reacts in the actual crash scenario. It is worth noting that the YouTuber used a scrap car along with the old car for testing. According to the video, they tested crash detection multiple times to see if the feature really worked.

iPhone was fixed on the passenger seat
Let us tell you that while testing the feature, the YouTuber fixed the iPhone in the front passenger seat of a 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis sedan, which was equipped with a remote control system. This video has been shot in an open field so that no one is around when it is being recorded.

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the feature works
During testing, YouTuber found that this feature really works. Testing shows that the crash detection feature of the iPhone and Apple Watch detects rollovers from front, side and rear collisions involving cars, minivans and pickup trucks. In such a situation, whenever a serious car accident occurs, the devices sound an alarm and flash an alert. After this, an emergency call slider appears on the screen, so that the user can call the emergency service.

Can make emergency call on his own
Meanwhile, if a user does not respond within 20 seconds of the accident, his iPhone itself calls the emergency service. The device can send messages to the emergency contacts of the users to inform them about the accident and tell them its location. If the user has set up their Medical ID, the device also displays a Medical ID slider.

This month Apple introduced the feature
Let us tell you that earlier this month, Apple introduced the crash detection feature with the iPhone 14 series. The company said that in the event of this feature accident, this feature gets activated automatically. After detecting the accident, it will call emergency services and police officers and inform them about the accident. Apart from this, it will also tell the location of the accident. The crash detection feature is enabled by default on iPhone and Apple Watch models.

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