Grandfather and grandson were bitten by a snake, after that something happened that the patients and family members started running away from the hospital


Gopalganj. A shocking incident has come to light from Gopalganj district of Bihar. The grandfather and the grandson were bitten by the snake. The relatives rushed to Sadar Hospital with both of them. Along with the doctor, the patients and the attendants admitted to the hospital were astonished when the relatives who accompanied both of them took out the snake from the bag. The relatives said that they brought the snake with them so that it could be identified. As soon as the snake was removed from the bag, the hospitalized patients and their attendants started running here and there in fear. Later it was found that the snake was dead, then people heaved a sigh of relief.

There was chaos in the emergency ward of Sadar Hospital in Gopalganj when the family members of the snake-bite along with the children and elderly people came for treatment. On seeing the snake, the health workers and the attendants of the patient who came for treatment started running away. Later it was found that the snake had already been killed. It is said that 4 year old Hardik Kumar and his grandfather Ramashish Pandit were bitten by a snake last night in Lachwar village of Thawe police station area. After the incident, the relatives killed the snake. After this, the family reached the child and grandfather for treatment in the emergency ward of Sadar Hospital.

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Snake Bite

The relatives of the victims of snakebite reached the hospital with the snake. (News 18 Hindi)

The relatives told that the snake had bitten the child first. After that the elderly grandfather who went to save the grandson was also bitten by the snake. So that the species of snake could be identified, so after killing it, the relatives had reached the Sadar Hospital to show the doctor. According to family members, the child was playing at the door. During this, the snake bit him. His grandfather, who came to save the child from the snake, was also bitten by the snake. After this the nearby people reached there and killed the snake with sticks. At the same time, according to the doctor, the grandfather and grandson are out of danger after treatment.

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