Good News! Now permission will be given to set up new industries in Jhansi in 72 hours, there will be no inspection for 1000 days


Report – Shashwat Singh

Jhansi. If you are looking to start a new business, but are troubled by the tension of going around the offices, then there is good news for you. The Industries Department of Jhansi has decided that all permissions to start any new industry will be given within 72 hours. Along with this, no checking will be done till one thousand days after starting the industry.

In fact, to make business easier, the Industry Department has taken this decision. Earlier, to start any factory or business, many government offices had to be made rounds, but now it will not have to be done.

Apply through Nivesh Mitra Portal
To start a new industry under the Department of Medium, Small and Micro (MSME), you have to apply on Nivesh Mitra Portal. There itself, By applying on the online fee will have to be deposited along with the NOC of all the concerned departments. All these documents will have to be submitted to the District Industries Office. After this, a district level committee will be constituted under the chairmanship of the district magistrate.

Permission will be given in 72 hours
This committee will give permission to start a new industry within 72 hours. The committee will give you partial approval. After this, in one thousand days, you can provide all the documents and paper to the industry department. No inspection will be done in these thousand days. Deputy Commissioner Industries Manish Chaudhary said that the purpose of this scheme is to promote new business and make the process hassle free.

Young entrepreneurs will benefit
Jhansi businessman Jitu Soni told that this scheme will prove to be very beneficial for the traders. The youth who are thinking of setting up a new industry will be of great help from this. Another businessman Vaibhav Singh told that through this scheme freedom will be given from red tape. With no inspection for one thousand days, entrepreneurs will be able to do their business with confidence.

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