Former White House employee reveals Trump’s ‘anger’, threw food plate


Washington. When former US President Donald Trump learned that the then Attorney General had publicly denied his claims of election rigging, Trump threw his dinner plate so hard that it hit the wall and broke and ketchup. spread up. Apart from this, on January 6, 2021, he ordered his employees to remove the metal detectors so that the protesters gathered for the speech in Washington would not be disturbed. Although some had weapons, Trump said they did not come with the intention of harming anyone.

The same day, as he was being taken to the White House instead of the Capitol, he became enraged and said, “I am the President. Take me to the capital now.” After this, Trump took the steering of the vehicle in his hand. Trump’s anger as a businessman was discussed everywhere, but no one mentioned it during his tenure as president. Cassidy Hutchinson, who was a White House employee during the tenure of the then President, disclosed the above things during the hearing on Tuesday. Hutchinson revealed some facts and told how Trump used to lose his temper during the last days of his term.

The former White House staffer said the former president knew his supporters had weapons who later rioted at the Capitol. The statement comes at a time when the Justice Ministry is expanding its investigation into the Capitol riots, but it is not yet certain whether Trump will face criminal charges. It’s not clear whether Attorney General Merrick Garland’s department will pursue a criminal case against Trump, but some legal experts believe Hutchinson’s statement will give prosecutors more factual information to move forward on the matter.

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