First denial, then agreement: How BJP changed Fadnavis’ ‘no’ to ‘yes’ in 2 hours for deputy CM’s post


Mumbai: The political crisis that had been going on in Maharashtra for a few days ended on Thursday. However, the formation of a new government and Eknath Shinde as Chief Minister (Eknath Shinde) BJP surprised everyone with its name. Devendra Fadnavis in this episode (Devendra Fadnavis) role of. First he announced the name of Eknath Shinde as CM and said that he would not join the government. But within just 2 hours, he took oath as the Deputy Chief Minister.

There is a lot of discussion about Devendra Fadnavis becoming Deputy CM and the coronation of Eknath Shinde as Chief Minister. By supporting Shinde, the BJP has made it clear that it has played a masterstroke as a strategy. The purpose of which was not only to politically eliminate Uddhav Thackeray’s family from Shiv Sena, but also to claim the legacy of Bal Thackeray. Eknath Shinde always wanted this.

However, surprisingly, Devendra Fadnavis, who was the Chief Minister earlier, is now the Deputy CM. He played the role of a skilled strategist in Maharashtra from Chief Minister to BJP. Who gradually dodged the Shiv Sena and its power.

At the Raj Bhavan on Thursday afternoon, Devendra Fadnavis announced the name of Eknath Shinde for the post of Chief Minister and said that he would not join the government. But late evening news came that Fadnavis would take oath as the Deputy CM.

News18 tries to find out why Devendra Fadnavis changed his decision in 2 hours

Announced at 5 pm

At 5 pm on Thursday, Devendra Fadnavis announced that Eknath Shinde will be the new Chief Minister of Maharashtra and will take oath at 7.30 pm. He made it clear that he would not join the government and would continue his support.

Talk to BJP high command at 6.30 pm

At around 6.30 pm, BJP President JP Nadda appealed to Devendra Fadnavis to become the Deputy CM. “Former CM and senior BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis declared Eknath Shinde as the new Chief Minister. He also showed a big heart and said that he would stay out of the cabinet and would support the government from outside. It shows the character of our party and leaders and proves that we do not work for any position.

After the change of power in Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray said – now BJP will not get the post of CM for 5 years

However, the central leadership of the BJP has decided that Devendra Fadnavis should be part of the government. Fadnavis was personally requested. The central leadership told him that he should take over as the deputy chief minister and fulfill the wishes of the people of Maharashtra.”

Amit Shah’s tweet at 7 pm

Union Home Minister Amit Shah announced by tweeting that Devendra Fadnavis will become the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

Took oath as Deputy CM at 7.30 pm

Devendra Fadnavis, accepting the request of the central leadership, tweeted that he would join the cabinet and at around 7.40 pm he took oath as the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra at the Raj Bhavan.

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