Election Commission wants to get the right to cancel the registration of political parties


New Delhi. Amid the ongoing ‘cleansing’ campaign to identify unrecognized political parties involved in corruption, the Election Commission has launched a fresh effort to gain the power to deregister political parties. has done. The election law gives the Election Commission the power to register a group of people as a political party, but does not give it the power to cancel the registration.

It is understood that in a recent conversation with the Union Legislative Secretary, Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar had insisted on giving this right to deregister political parties. The Election Commission has been giving its representation to the government for conferring powers under the Representation of the People Act to cancel the registration of a political party on certain grounds. The commission believes that many political parties get registered but never contest elections, such parties are only on paper.

198 registered unrecognized political parties removed from the register

The Election Commission (EC) is of the view that the possibility of forming a political party to take advantage of income tax exemption cannot be ruled out. The commission had recently removed a total of 198 registered unrecognized political parties from its register, as no existence of these parties was found during the ‘cleanliness drive’. In a recent statement, the Election Commission had said that a reference letter has also been sent to the Revenue Department for necessary legal and criminal action against three such parties involved in serious financial irregularities.

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