‘Don’t be afraid of Lalu-Nitish, Modi government is above’; Amit Shah roared a lot in Bihar, said – will clean it up in 2024


Patna: Union Home Minister Amit Shah is on a state visit after the Bharatiya Janata Party lost power due to political upheaval in the politics of Bihar last month. Amit Shah, who came to Seemanchal area for two days, addressed the BJP’s public sentiment rally in Purnia on Friday and said that due to my coming here, the duo of Lalu and Nitish are having stomach ache. Amit Shah said that Nitish ji has deceived us to become the Prime Minister, but he will never be able to become the Prime Minister, as well as his government will not be able to run in Bihar. Amit Shah also warned Lalu Yadav and said that Nitish Kumar can betray Lalu Prasad Yadav and go with the Congress.

While addressing the rally in Purnia, Amit Shah attacked the Lalu-Nitish pair and said that Lalu and Nitish are having pain in their stomach due to my arrival. They are saying that they have come to quarrel. I want to tell him that Lalu ji you are enough to start a fight. You have done this work your whole life. An atmosphere of fear has started with Lalu ji coming into the government. But I have come to tell the people of the border area that these border districts are part of India, there is no need to fear anyone here, because Narendra Modi’s government is at the center. This crowd is a warning signal for the Lalu-Nitish government.

We are in favor of politics of service and development- Amit Shah
Amit Shah said that this land of Bihar has been the center of change. Be it the freedom movement against the British or Indira’s Emergency, the movement against it started from the land of Bihar itself. Today, by deceiving the BJP, sitting in Lalu’s lap, the introduction of politics of selfishness and power, which Nitish ji has given, will also start from this land. We are in favor of politics of service and development instead of politics of selfishness and power. Nitish Kumar ji can never become the Prime Minister due to the selfishness of power and defections.

Nitish ji will betray you too Lalu ji- Amit Shah
Attacking Nitish Kumar, Amit Shah said that you have cheated people from the beginning of politics. You first went with the Janata Party Devilal faction, then cheated with Lalu ji. Lalu ji you take care, Nitish babu will leave you tomorrow and sit in the lap of Congress and you will be left behind and no one will even know. Nitish ji has given the biggest deception to anyone, then he has given to the eminent socialist leader George Fernandes in the country. Sitting on his shoulder, Samata Party was formed and when George Babu’s health was not good, he himself became the national president by removing him. He did the same with Sharad Yadav ji. After that cheated with BJP, cheated with Jitan Ram Manjhi, Ram Vilas Paswan. Nitish Kumar did nothing but save the chair. In the longing to become the Prime Minister, he again went with Lalu ji.

Don’t be afraid of Lalu-Nitish, Modi government is above it: Amit Shah
Amit Shah told Nitish-Lalu that you have cheated the people of Bihar. You tell me, did you vote to go with Modi ji or to go with Lalu ji. You took votes in the name of Modi ji, but why did you go with Lalu? Amit Shah told the people of Seemanchal that there is no need to fear in the border districts, Lalu-Nitish pair may have arrived, but Narendra Modi’s government is above. No one has the courage to do arbitrariness in the border districts. We made you the chief minister by showing nobility. Nitish Babu, you got half the seat from us and you were reduced to half. We had made you the Chief Minister even then by showing nobility because Modi ji had promised that we would fight the elections under Nitish ji’s leadership. But the election of the Lok Sabha came near, you sat on the lap of Congress and Lalu ji to become the PM. Do people of Bihar not know you?

There is danger of jungle raj again in Bihar: Amit Shah
Amit Shah said that Nitish Kumar will never be able to become the Prime Minister and the government will not run in Bihar too. He said that in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the people of Lalu-Nitish will be wiped out. At the same time, in the assembly elections of 2025, a full majority government of BJP is going to be formed in Bihar. Nitish Kumar just loves the chair. They make alliance with any party. Who can save when Lalu ji is in government. The law and order situation in Bihar has deteriorated since the day he took oath. Nitish ji is calling it a conspiracy. The threat of jungle raj is looming over Bihar.

Nitish stabbed him in the back: Amit Shah
Amit Shah said that in order to become the Prime Minister, Nitish Babu stabbed him in the back and did the work of sitting in the lap of RJD and Congress. Today, I want to tell both Lalu ji and Nitish ji from this huge gathering of Bihar that if you do this defection repeatedly, then this deception is not with any party, but this deception is with the people of Bihar. . Nitish ji, you did the same thing in 2014, neither did you live in the house nor at the ghat. Let the Lok Sabha elections 2024 come, the people of Bihar will clean this pair of yours. In 2025 also BJP will form government with full majority.

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