Demand for electricity in Noida has blown the senses, know how much is needed everyday


Noida. On one hand, the rainy summer, the increasing demand for electricity from above, has blown the senses of the electricity employees and officers of Paschimchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam (PVVNL). Even the dying electricity equipments are not able to bear the heat and demand. As a result, the residents of Noida have to face power cuts several times during the day and night. Compared to the last two years, the demand for electricity in Noida has also doubled. It is becoming increasingly difficult to provide electricity to more than 4 lakh electricity consumers. Due to increased load and heat, the cut starts after every three to four hours.

Noida’s electricity system is 40 years old

According to the experts, the electricity system of Noida was erected 40 years ago. This system was prepared keeping in mind the population of Noida at that time. Despite this, the system was designed in such a way that the power lines could work well on 1500 MW load. But as time progressed, Noida also continued to grow in all four directions.

With the increase in population, companies and factories, the demand for electricity also increased. Within two years, the demand for electricity has come down from 950 to 2000 MW. The effect of which was that the old power system of Noida has started breathing.

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Four in factories and 6 hours in homes are being cut

Faults are occurring everywhere due to heat and load on the power line. At some places, as soon as the load increases, shutdown is also being taken to save the line and transformer. Whatever be the reason, but the people of Noida are facing the cut. PVVNL also has a double problem. If he also wants to save electrical equipment, then he has to give maximum supply of electricity. Due to this, electricity is being cut for four hours in factory areas and for 6 hours in residential areas. On Sunday also in the residential sector-2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, 64,65,57 and in the factories sector- 22, 23, 24, 32, the game of reduction throughout the day. continued.

It is also the responsibility of the employees of PVVNL to save them.

According to the experts associated with PVVNL, there is also a big network of electricity sub-station in Noida. Electricity is supplied to Noida from more than 670 sub-stations built. In this, there are two stations of 400 KV and 4 stations of 132 KV, which supply power to hundreds of sub-stations of 33 and 11 KV. There are 100 sub-stations of 33 KV and 566 in 11 KV. Not only this, more than 24 thousand small and big transformers are also connected to all these sub-stations.

In such a situation, the network of sub-station and transformer becomes necessary for PVVNL employees and officers. Because if any one of them goes bad, then those areas will have to be deprived of continuous power supply for hours. In such a situation, the employees are only praying for rain. Because after the rains, the demand for electricity will decrease.

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