Dehradun: 400 meters long ‘Inamullah Building’ is an example of excellent workmanship, know why it is special?


(Report – Hina Azmi)

Dehradun. Inamullah Building Dehradun stands in the main market of Uttarakhand’s capital Dehradun with a long history for the last 106 years. In the year 1917, when the country was under British rule, Inamullah Sheikh of Dehradun had built a 400 meter long building. He built it as a guest house. The name of this building was named Inamullah Building after his name. There has been a lot of change in the appearance of the two-storey Inamullah building. Many shops have been built on the ground floor, so this area has now taken the form of a market. It is said that Inamullah Sheikh had built this building like a fort.

Santram, who has been working for the last 60 years at a shop in the Inamullah Building, says that this building was built 106 years ago during the British period. Its special thing is that it has been made on a single linter 400 meters long.

Inamullah building made of lime and urad dal
Santram further said that at that time Inamullah Sheikh had built this building from many laborers by paying wages ranging from one to one and a half rupees. There was no cement then. This building was built with lime and urad dal, which is still standing strong today.

Inamullah Sheikh’s fourth generation lives in the building
Let us tell you that the fourth generation of Inamullah Sheikh still lives in Inamullah Building. At the same time, the members of the Sheikh family still feel proud to see this building of their ancestors.

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