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Google to settle legal battle with app developers, will pay $ 90 million

Washington. Google will pay $90 million to settle a lawsuit filed against it by app developers in federal court in San Francisco. App developers had accused Google of entering into agreements,

Pavan Chawhan Pavan Chawhan

9 Things Women Notice in Men

Discover the top 9 things women notice in men, from confidence to personal hygiene. Master

Pavan Chawhan Pavan Chawhan

5 Tips to Maintain Lifelong Friendship

Friendship is very important for human beings. Friends are like therapy for you. When they

Pavan Chawhan Pavan Chawhan

Types of people you can not trust

Discover the kinds of people you can rely on and learn how to handle relationships

Pavan Chawhan Pavan Chawhan

6 Brutally honest truths about life

Life is an exciting journey full of twists, turns, and countless experiences that mold us

Pavan Chawhan Pavan Chawhan

8 ways you can beat overthinking like a Pro

Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness. It took me 9 years to beat overthinking.

Sai Krishna Sai Krishna

WhatsApp banned more than 19 lakh accounts under new IT rules

India: WhatsApp banned more than 19 lakh Indian accounts in May. The messaging app took

Pavan Chawhan Pavan Chawhan