Chandigarh: 12 and a half kg gold seized from IAS house, controversy escalated over son’s death, murder or suicide due to bullet injury


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Chandigarh: Punjab cadre IAS Sanjay Popli arrested in corruption case (Corruption Case Against IAS) The Vigilance team has claimed to have recovered 12.50 kg of gold from the house. Gold biscuits and many silver items have been recovered from the house of IAS Sanjay Popli. On the other hand, Popli’s son Karthik Popli died due to bullet injury in the head. Karthik’s mother alleges that her only son was murdered by the Vigilance team. Whereas the SSP of Chandigarh has said that Karthik has committed suicide.

At the same time, Vigilance officials have said that they had come back after recovery, after that a bullet was fired in Popli’s house. According to the Vigilance team, the boy shot his father in the head with a licensed revolver. In fact, when the Vigilance team had reached for recovery, there was some argument with the boy and the boy shot himself with a revolver in the upper floor.

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Family accused of murder

However, the family members allege that the Vigilance people fired. The Vigilance team is alleged to have called him to the office several times for questioning. Even today, the Vigilance team had reached Sanjay Popli’s house under the supervision of DSP Ajay, because he was to be presented in the court in the afternoon, so there was some recovery left as soon as Sanjay Vigilance officials, who reached Popli with the Vigilance team, had an argument with his son Karthik and the bullet hit the head.

Karthik Popli was taken to General Hospital Sector 16. The IAS wife alleged that today my husband Sanjay Popli was produced, along with my son Karthik Popli, DSP Ajay and the rest of the Vigilance team went inside with my son Karthik an hour ago. When I looked over myself in the room, Vigilance had pointed a pistol at my son’s head.

Vigilance was pressurizing Karthik to force recovery, even today it was checking and interrogating. 27-year-old Karthik was a lawyer and was a member of the Bar Association. At the same time, the police said that Sanjay has run with Popli’s 7.62 pistol. Vigilance has recovered 12 kg gold from Sanjay Popli’s house.

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